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Welcome! I'm Karolina, - 16 years old - Brazilian. Nice to meet you! Watching: Noragami, Magi, Rurouni Kenshin & Log Horizon. Thanks for the visit! <3  fishs

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M E K A K U C I T Y  A C T O R S」

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U know you’ve grown up when you don’t find the same people on YouTube funny anymore

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カゲプロ4~9月pack by 暮宙シュン
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i went to japan but there were no subtitles

Haru: What are you doing?
Nagisa: You can’t tell? That was a Rockhopper Penguin imitation 

Haru: It was?
Rei: I couldn’t tell .
Nagisa: Why you couldn’t tell? Just look at this!

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I was a coward! I was weak! I wouldn’t kill a dragon!

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